LPF Moxie Tote

I started LPF out of the desire to find cherished moments - a call to celebration in each day. I refer to these moments as little delights and there is no limit to discovering or remembering them in your everyday. Creating memories and sharing thoughtful intentions is a cornerstone of my daily life and I implement these practices into my business.

I have spent the past year developing how I could deepen my connection to my clients interested in my work and hopefully introduce new people to it along the way. This has a lot to do with why I am happy to announce our Le Petit Friday merchandise. 

Please meet our LPF goods line and our first piece of little delight merchandise - the moxie tote

moxie tote

My bag of choice is almost always a canvas tote. It is my catch all everyday pick, regardless of my nice, small collection of handbags. I think that this lovely little delight tote can be used as your everyday bag, a candy bag for your Halloween trick-or-treaters and quite simply a great gift to give someone.

Let this bag be a reminder to stop and get that book you have been wanting, that bottle of wine to enjoy, those flowers and that baguette because they were just too gorgeous to pass up. My hope is that when you purchase any of our goods, you will be able to cherish and create a new memory surrounding the piece. 

I have more little delight surprises in store through the end of the year, so stay tuned! order your tote today by clicking here!

Little Delights & Little Notes❤️

Building a community of people is very important to our business here at Le Petit Friday. I am always looking for a thoughtful way to send a sweet note which could be someone needing a little reminder of joy or thanking one of our clients for their patronage. I have noticed that sometimes there can be no greater gift than acknowledgement and that no message is too small. 

I was fortunate to have quite a lovely summer of work, requiring me to think about how I wanted to express my gratitude to clients and friends. I was excited to learn that I could build custom stationery by using Paperless Post. They have an incredible array of options and finding something perfect for me took a mere moment. I was drawn to a stationary that had a header with cheese, shocking I know! Navigating how to edit the stationary in order to make it custom was extremely easy. The process was so quick that I sent a couple of notes out immediately with a large smile from cheek to cheek. (my favorite part was probably customizing the stamp and the postage stamp-who knew?)

Check out this note I sent to a client this past week! I look forward to sending more notes and thank yous, hoping to spark more little delights. 

thank you lpf

Explore all of their fun options for yourself https://www.paperlesspost.com

Mama’s Pasta Salad🍅

♥️find your little Friday♥️

I have made this several dozen times and for me it truly is the best pasta salad there ever was. Be prepared to chop for a bit of time but the results are worth it. The secret ingredient is dill and making sure all the veggies are shipped to roughly around the same size, let’s dig in!

-1 pd of pasta(cavatappi or farfalle)

-1 hothouse cucumber cut into quarter dice

-1/4 cup freshly chopped dill 

-1 pt on cherry tomatoes halved 

-1 red onion diced small

-1 red and yellow pepper diced to the same quarter size of the cucumber

-1 bag baby carrots-(this is the long bit) sliced down to about a quarter inch thick rounds. Then boil and blanch them in boiling water and ice water for about a minute in each liquid, drain.

-Half of a cup of extra virgin olive oil

-Half of a cup of red wine vinegar 

-3 cloves of garlic minced 

-1/4 cup of minced fresh dill


Boil and cook the noodles as the box direction reads instead of under, you want this a little past al dente. Drain pasta and cook under running water, tossing it to get every piece room temperature to touch.

Prepare the dressing while the pasta cooks. Add the oil, vinegar, garlic, dill, plus salt and pepper to taste in a mason jar. Shake vigorously for several seconds. 

Place the cooled pasta in a large bowl and begin to add each of the vegetables, tossing after each addition. The liquid from the veggies will add a mild liquid coating, making it easier to blend. 

Shake the dressing one last time in jar and then pour over pasta and veggies. Toss all together, adjust seasonings, maybe more dill? Enjoy!

Funfetti Cookies

♥️Find Your Little Friday♥️


Last month I received a client request for a #pride themed brunch at the end of June. As I began to gather my menu options, it got me thinking about how I could have a greater impact with the work I do. Instead of just offering these options to one client, I wanted to share these featured items for the entire month of June and donate a portion of all of the sales of these featured items to the LGBTQ community. Two of the items featured are a classic flavor, funfetti.

For the past year and a half I have had the great privilege of honing in on a different approach to my cooking. I started assisting Sarah Pachelli in the kitchen and didn’t know how much the work she does would impact my overall approach to cooking. The best way I can describe it is refined with out any refined ingredients-which quite simply translates to swapping out ingredients that are harder on your body to process with easier options.  A client of hers requested clean funfetti cookies and we started making them on almost a weekly basis because they were such a yummy treat.


I am offering these cookies two ways, a classic variation or a refined with out refined ingredients, à la Ms. Pachelli. Sarah also shares recipes every Monday and I am pretty sure her take on these cleaner cookies will be shared since it’s heavily requested.

I am grateful to be able to give back to a community with the business I am building and lucky to have the good fortune of working with/being inspired by those I work with professionally. Happy weekend, get your orders and don’t forget to #findyourlittlefriday